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The easiest way to calculate fodder beet yield just got better!

Image of person holding phone running beet guru app

Beet Guru® Smartphone App

Forget manual calculations in the field. Forget about your notes and paperwork, you won’t need them.

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Why use Beet Guru®?

We all know that the accurate measurement of fodder beet yield is challenging. That is why we have developed a tool that makes interpretation of assessments simple for farmers, retailers and retail clients. Aptly called the “Beet Guru®”, the tool is an app that is extremely easy to use on your handheld device.

All you need to do is enter the fresh weights of the bulb and leaves from each sample into the app, and it calculates a mean, upper and lower range of drymatter yield that’s statistically valid. The Beet Guru also has a reporting function which is especially useful for retail users. All the grower and paddock details are stored within each assessment so a client report can be produced at the end of the process. Simple and efficient.

Easy just got better!

These are just some of the improvements we've made for you:

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Reports to your inbox

We’ll send you all your reports as a PDF attachment via email with a subject header. This includes grower and paddock details.

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Linked growers and paddocks

For reps, all paddocks are linked to the appropriate growers for quick reference each time for subsequent assessments.

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Website Integration

You can access all your assessments through this website; simply set up your login when you download your app update, and you can download and analyse them yourself.

clipboard of beet calculations

Larger input boxes and buttons

We have increased the size of the number boxes and keypad buttons on the Measurements screen for greater visibility and easy input.

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